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Give Your Lawn a Boost This Fall with Aeration & Seeding!

Has the blistering summer heat taken a toll on your lawn? It's very normal for lawns to look drab after a long summer of warm weather, drought, disease, and increased foot traffic. If you find your once-beautiful, green lawn looking bare with brown spots, the experts at Tailor Made Lawns can help revitalize your lawn! With our professional aeration and seeding services, we'll repair your grass and fill in empty patches--leaving you with a more vibrant, green lawn you can enjoy this upcoming fall!

Aeration & Seeding in the NC Piedmont

The summer season is hard on your lawn -- with the hot temperatures combined with the lack of moisture, your lawn takes a hit. Throughout the year, your soil becomes compacted - making it hard for nutrients like sun and water to get to the roots. This results in less healthy turf, often accompanied by bare spots. If you're looking to give your lawn a boost this fall, our aeration and seeding services are the answer! Here's how it works: 

  • Core aeration: First, our highly-trained technicians will aerate your lawn--removing thousands of soil plugs. As a result, air, water, and nutrients will have a direct path to the root zone, resulting in new, stronger growth and increased root development. 
  • Overseeding: After we aerate your lawn, we will lay new grass seed on top of your existing grass to promote new growth and replace existing grass with a new strain for a season. Your grass will grow thick and strong, and bald spots will be a thing of the past!

Reap the Benefits of Aeration & Seeding

Do you know the secret to beautiful lawns in North Carolina is an annual aeration and seeding service? We recommend this combination of services in the fall season because they help:

  • Alleviate soil compaction
  • Increase proper air, water, and nutrient circulation 
  • Reduce the build up of thatch in your lawn
  • Fill in bare, bald spots
  • Improve the overall health & look of your lawn

Let Us Bring Your Lawn Back to Life

If you want your grass to thrive again, put it in the hands of our lawn care experts. Aeration and seeding will bring your lawn back to life, allowing it to absorb the water and nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong - giving you healthy grass year-round. We're so confident in all of our lawn care services that we guarantee them! What does that mean for you? If your grass doesn't grow properly afterward or you're not happy with the results, give us a call and we'll come back to reseed your lawn. Don't you think you deserve a beautiful lawn too? We certainly do!

Fall Special - Just $199!

We love offering coupons to help our customers save a little extra cash, and aeration and seeding is no exception! This fall, we're offering new customers aeration, seeding, fertilization, and lime treatments for just $199 total for lawns up to 5,000 square ft. For lawns larger than that, it will be an additional $40 per 1,000 square feet. This coupon expires November 1st (when we stop providing this service for the fall season.)

Partner With Our Local Company

With dozens of lawn care companies in the area, you are probably wondering why you should choose Tailor Made Lawns. We'll tell you:

  • We are a locally-owned & operated company here in the Piedmont -- and are huge supporters of the local community.
  • We are a family-friendly company -- and we stand behind all of our lawn treatments and their safety for your family.
  • We have a great reputation -- with over 75 reviews, we have an average rating of 4.7 on Google+!
  • We don't believe in binding contracts -- unlike most lawn companies, we don’t make you sign a contract, so it’s all on your terms!
  • We offer an array of different coupons to help you save big -- check out our special offers!

Areas We Service in North Carolina

Tailor Made Lawns proudly provides our lawn aeration and seeding services to the North Carolina Piedmont area. We service the following areas and more:


Don't You Want a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn to Enjoy This Fall?

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