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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Indian Trail

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Lawn Care in Indian Trail

Every year comes with new lawn care challenges. If you’re tired of worrying about weeds, disease, and weather damage, the experts at Tailor Made Lawns are ready to help. With our guaranteed, 9-step lawn care in Indian Trail, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without all the worry and hassle.

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Offering more services and programs than any other company in the area, we can help with all of your lawn care and pest control needs.

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We understand the importance of child and pet-friendly applications. We stand behind all of our treatments and their safety for your family.

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Guaranteed Results You Can Trust!

If you made a list of your favorite outdoor activities, lawn care probably wouldn’t be at the top of that list. In fact, activities like weeding, fertilizing, and aerating take away time from enjoying your yard the way you deserve. The good news is that you don’t have to handle the demands of lawn care on your own. With Tailor Made Lawns right around the corner, you can get top-quality lawn care in Indian Trail at affordable prices. Call us today about our lawn service and get back to enjoying the outdoor activities you’ve been missing!

Our 9-Step Lawn Treatment Plan

When it comes to protecting your turf, you want a lawn care company that won’t cut corners. We can assure you that at Tailor Made Lawns, there are no cutting corners; we take all aspects of lawn health into consideration when creating a treatment plan for you. Based on a thorough assessment of your turf, we help you pick and choose which services will best meet your needs. For complete elimination of all threats to lawn health, we provide a 9-step yearly package which includes the following services:

  • An initial lawn assessment by a local lawn technician to identify any problems and help us tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • Season-specific lawn fertilization designed to optimize lawn health year-round.
  • Lime application as needed to manage acidity levels.
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to prevent and eliminate all types of weeds. 
  • Specialized weed control for particularly stubborn weeds such as Wild Violets, Oxalis, ButtonWeed, Sedges, and even Bermuda suppression.
  • Application of top-quality fungicide treatments.
  • Aeration and seeding to revitalize your lawn after a hot summer and prepare it for winter.
  • Seasonal pest control including grub control to prevent insect damage.
  • Free re-treatments as necessary if you are not 100% satisfied with our services.

A Greener Lawn, Safer Products 

At Tailor Made Lawns, we believe that a greener lawn shouldn’t come at the cost of your family’s health. Your safety is our number one concern which is why we rely on family-friendly lawn treatments. Additionally, we strive to prevent potentially dangerous effects like over-spray and chemical drip exposure by using liquid treatments applied directly to the ground. As a locally owned lawn care company, we care deeply about the Indian Trail community and prioritize the health and happiness of your household at all times. You can trust that your turf is in good hands when you partner with us. Located outside of Indian Trail? We offer lawn care in Charlotte and the surrounding cities!

Aeration and Seeding in Indian Trail

Over the years, and especially the hot summer months, lawns can take a beating. With an increase in insects, more foot traffic, and lack of water your lawn could be at risk for serious damage. Aeration can help to counteract the ongoing damage by refreshing the soil, allowing greater nutrients and water into the grass roots. Tailor Made Lawns’ aeration and seeding process helps to reverse the damage, clear the lawn of debris, and set the foundation for healthy, greener looking grass. 

Comprehensive Lawn Care Company 

We understand that lawn care can be a personal endeavor for many people, and that’s why we offer a number of different services to allow you to tailor your plan to the needs of your lawn. 

  • A complete package with both the lawn aeration and seeding to give your lawn the best care possible. 
  • Individual aeration and overseeding services if you feel your lawn only needs a little help. 
  • Revolutionary liquid aeration treatment designed to break and loosen topsoil encouraging deeper rooting from your grass and greater oxygenation. 

Weed Control in Indian Trails

Nothing is worse than working hard on your lawn only to see weeds ruining your hard work. If treated incorrectly, you might actually cause damage to your grass. Let Tailor Made help you out to get the lawn of your dreams. 

Not only can we control the weeds in your lawn, but our weed control in Indian Trails can also keep them from ever growing in the first place!

We use:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides to keep weeds from germinating— meaning they don’t have the chance to grow!
  • Post-emergent herbicides which are targeted applications to eliminate weeds that have already started growing.
  • Environmentally friendly treatments to limit the use of harsh chemicals when possible. 

Our weed control in Indian Hills also tackles stubborn weeds that need a little more tough love. We can eliminate wild violets, oxalis, bermudagrass, and more.

Mole Control in Indian Trail

It can break your heart to see your lawn riddled with tunnels and mounds, especially if you’ve invested capital, sweat, and time into lawn care. If you’re finding dirt ridges in your yard or volcano-shaped dirt mounds, you’re likely dealing with a mole problem. Unfortunately, moles are notoriously difficult to get rid of, so professional mole control is a must if you want these critters gone.

When you call us for mole control in Indian Trail, we will:

  • Conduct a free inspection of your yard to determine the best approach.
  • Treat your yard with 3 applications of Mole Scram Professional, systematically repelling moles from your property by making their food (worms and insects) taste and smell unappetizing.
  • Complete a single treatment of 3 applications or recurring visits every 6-8 weeks, depending on your preference.
  • Give you back a mole-free lawn!

We know moles can feel like an impossible obstacle to a lovely lawn. But they can be overcome! Let us partner with you for outdoor pest control.

5 Star Review

Always do a great job!

Marlene Cruise
5 Star Review

I have used their mosquito control for years and would not go through a summer without them! Spending a lot of time in my yard, it's nice not to be bothered by mosquitos. THANK YOU!!!

lauren hall
5 Star Review

Excellent service. The representative was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind. The absolute best.

Glinda Shipman

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