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Guaranteed Lawn Care in Charlotte

We know how difficult it is to find the time to create and maintain a beautiful lawn. After all, it’s a whole job in itself. Why not let the experts handle it for you? Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we've created a 9-step treatment plan for lawn care in Charlotte so that busy homeowners like you can enjoy strong, healthy grass without having to invest hours of your own time to get it. 

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Lawn Care in Charlotte

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Lawn Fertilization, Disease Control, and More!

Don't sacrifice the free time you have by spending it on your yard. Instead, take your lawn care off of your to-do list and put it in our highly experienced hands. With over 25 years of experience, no one knows lawn care in Charlotte better than we do. We'll provide all of the lawn care your grass needs to thrive in every season.

Our 9-step lawn care plan includes: 

  • An initial lawn service assessment to determine its problems & needs
  • Targeted lawn fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year
  • Seasonal insect, disease, and weed control
  • Lime to manage your lawn’s acidity levels if needed
  • Grub control ensure these pests don't make a meal out of your lawn

Family-Friendly Lawn Care Services

When you partner with Tailor Made for lawn care in Charlotte, you're not just a customer—you're part of the Tailor Made family. To us, that means we do everything we can to make sure you're happy before, during, and after your lawn care treatment. Part of what makes us stand out from other lawn care companies is that we only use family-friendly products with our lawn treatments. In fact, we use the same products on our own lawns because we trust how safe it is. 

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Weed Control in Charlotte

Administered by trained lawn care technicians, our weed control provides total control over even the worst weed problems. Say goodbye to a drab lawn, and hello to a vibrant one! Our weed control in Charlotte includes:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides: These herbicides stop weeds from growing before they even start. This application kills weeds before they even have the chance to germinate.
  • Post-emergent herbicides: These targeted applications eliminate any weeds that have already sprouted, and offer long-term elimination to make sure they don’t grow again.

We also offer specialty weed control for hard-to-control weeds such as Wild Violets, Oxalis, ButtonWeed, Sedges, even Bermuda suppression. While complete eradication of these weeds may not be possible, Tailor Made Lawns utilizes the best available products along with a customer-friendly pricing structure to get you the best possible control of them!

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Aeration and Seeding in Charlotte

Every year, we see that most lawns suffer from harsh summer conditions. Between drought, disease, and insects, the season of summer takes a toll on the health of your lawn. Luckily for you, this damage doesn’t need to be permanent. Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we can put the life back into your lawn with our lawn aeration in Charlotte! Best done in the late summer and early fall, we can help reverse some of the summer damage—leaving you with a greener, healthier lawn to enjoy in the beautiful fall weather.

How Does Lawn Aeration Work?

Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we recommend annual lawn aeration in Charlotte to all of our customers to get the best results. So, how does the lawn aeration process work? First, we remove thousands of plugs in your soil so that nutrients, air, and water can reach the roots of your grass resulting in stronger. Then, we lay new grass seed down on top of your lawn to promote new growth, filling in bare and bald spots all around!

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Get Immediate Results with Lawn Aeration

Annual lawn aeration in Charlotte keeps your lawn healthy and helps it bounce back after a long hot Carolina summer. Between blistering hot temperatures and increased foot traffic, your lawn takes a toll in the summer—even with regular care and maintenance. With our lawn aeration in Charlotte, you can enjoy many benefits, which include:

  • Decreased soil compaction & thatch buildup: this means your lawn's roots can receive the nutrients they need.
  • Better air, water, and nutrient circulation: when your lawn is no longer compacted, air and water can reach its roots more easily.
  • An optimal overseeding environment: aerating your lawn makes a great environment to lay down new grass seed.
  • Less bare spots and thicker grass: New grass seed can help fill in bare spots and make your lawn thicker and lusher!

Aeration, combined with overseeding, helps improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. The best part? The results of lawn aeration in Charlotte are immediate, meaning you'll see an improvement in your lawn right away! 

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Tree Care in Charlotte

Well maintained trees and shrubs enhance the overall appearance of your landscape--as well as increase the value of your home! Unfortunately, maintaining your trees and shrubs requires not only time and energy but also a knowledge of the many types of plants common to North Carolina. Here at Tailor Made Lawns, our tree care technicians provide year-round tree and shrub care in Charlotte, which includes:

  • Deep root fertilization
  • Complete disease and fungus protection
  • Insect control
  • And more! 

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Mole Control in Charlotte

You’ve worked hard to keep your lawn healthy and thriving—don’t let moles undo all that hard work! Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we know just what a pain in the neck these pests can be. Moles are drawn to lawns in search of food and mates, and they’re notorious for destroying root systems and creating eyesores on your lawn with their tunnels. That’s when you call on Tailor Made for mole control in Charlotte! Our lawn care professionals can help you identify the common signs of mole infestations, such as the following: 

  • Mounds of dirt that resemble small volcanoes
  • Loose or “squishy” soil
  • Surface tunnels that appear as raised ridges across your lawn

Comprehensive Mole Treatments

Not sure how to best treat for moles? You’re not alone. These pests can be a pain to get rid of without professional help. Thankfully, your friends at Tailor Made offer three different treatment plans for our mole control in Charlotte. We also start out with a FREE inspection to assess your situation; from there, you can decide if you want a one-time treatment cycle or year-round mole protection. Whatever your unique needs are, our team at Tailor Made has you covered.

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Enjoy Free Service Calls & Re-Treatments

No matter the season, Tailor Made Lawns wants you to feel good about your yard—and with our lawn care in Charlotte, you can. So go ahead and show it off with confidence. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we encourage you to take advantage of our free service calls and re-treatments.

Dealing with a pest or mosquito problem too? We can help—we also offer complete pest control in Charlotte!

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Tailor Made Lawns earned Angie’s List’s Super Service Award 3 years in a row for the exceptional service we provided to our customers! Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say!