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Lawn Care in Lenoir

We bet you are—and that's just what you get when you partner with Tailor Made Lawns for lawn care in Lenoir. We want you to have the lawn of your dreams, and our team of expert professionals strives hard to make it happen. Isn't it time you had a beautiful landscape that you can show off to neighbors and friends?

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Comprehensive Lawn Care and Pest Control Programs

Tailor Made offers the most comprehensive lawn care and pest control programs in the Carolinas.

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We understand the importance of child and pet-friendly applications. We stand behind all of our treatments and their safety for your family.

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Expert Lawn Care in Lenoir

The foundation of our effective 9-step lawn care program is our custom fertilizers. We have designed them to feed your turf naturally, through its roots, for a controlled feeding; this means stronger roots that are profoundly healthier and resistant to insects, diseases, and more. We also provide the following lawn services in Lenoir:

  • Weed control
  • Insect control
  • Fungicide control
  • Lime treatments
  • Tree & shrub care
  • Lawn aeration & seeding
  • Grub control
  • And more

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Landscape

The seasons here in North Carolina are beautiful. What better weather can you ask for when spending time in your yard with the people you love? With our lawn care in Lenoir, you can plan get-togethers all season – BBQs, parties, or intimate gatherings. Won't it be great to spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time working in it? With our lawn care, you can do just that!

All of our lawn care services are performed by expert technicians who will:

  • Perform an initial assessment to determine your lawn's problems and needs
  • Apply targeted fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year
  • Control seasonal damages caused by insects, disease, and fungicide control
  • Apply lime as needed to manage your lawn's acidity lev

Mole Control in Lenoir

Moles burrow under your soil and damage your backyard by producing large, uneven patches of raised earth. Our lawn care experts are here to help you reduce and eliminate mole populations and get the lawn care you deserve. We guarantee quality results with provide family-friendly treatments to keep you and your family as safe and healthy as possible. As the highest-rated lawn care company in Lenoir, we’re certain to provide you with the best services for you and your family. We offer the following mole control programs:

  • Single season mole control with a three-part treatment method to ensure the elimination of mole populations in your backyard and prevent their return. 
  • All-season mole control to provide mole control treatment every six to eight weeks to keep moles away for good.

Get $50 Off Mole Control Services

Tired of investing time, money, and energy into your lawn beautiful only to have it destroyed by pesky moles? Need quick, long-term relief? Look no further than Tailor Made Lawns! We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn, and preventing moles from damaging your soil is part of our comprehensive lawn care. We’re here to make sure you get the best quality mole control in Lenoir.

Lawn Aeration and Seeding in Lenoir

Here in NC, the summer sun can do a number on the health and appearance of your lawn. Foot traffic from kids and pets playing and guests visiting can cause the soil to become compacted. This wear and tear can make it difficult for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs, leading to bare and brown patches, dull turf, and more. To put an end to this problem once and for all, turn to your local lawn care technicians over at Tailor Made Lawns. Our lawn aeration and seeding is designed to restore your lawn’s health and color, giving you the gorgeous thriving turf you deserve.

What is Lawn Aeration?

What exactly is lawn aeration? This process involves removing plugs of soil from your lawn, allowing water and other nutrients to reach your grass’ root system. To make the most of this treatment, it’s best to distribute new seeds to thicken and fill out the turf with new growth. To make the process even more effective, we combine our advanced aeration techniques with quality certified Poa Annua Free seed. Our team at Tailor Made offers a variety of options for lawn aeration and seeding in Lenoir, which is just part of what has earned us our 4.9-star rating on Google! When you work with us, you can expect the following from your lawn care technician: 

  • An inspection to identify your lawn’s needs and situation.
  • Guaranteed 0.00% weed or crop seed.
  • Drought and disease tolerant Blue Tag seed with a 90-95% germination rate.
  • A gorgeous lawn you’ll love!
Weed Control in Lenoir

Don't let weeds take over your beautiful yard any longer. Experience the transformative power of our professional weed control service in Lenoir, NC. We specialize in managing common persistent local weeds including chickweed, dandelions, clover, and more.

Why choose Tailor Made for your weed treatment needs:

  • Our team of experts has over 25 years of experience in the weed control business, guaranteeing exceptional results.
  • Our lawn spraying techniques are designed to target weeds directly, ensuring effective and efficient weed control.
  • We offer pre-and-post emergent treatments, addressing both existing weeds and preventing new ones from emerging.
  • Our bed weed control services ensure that your flower beds and landscaping are free from unsightly and invasive weeds.
Tree and Shrub Care in Lenoir

When you choose Tailor Made Lawn for your tree and shrub care needs, you are not only getting expert service but also supporting a local business that cares about our community. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are the trusted name in tree and shrub care.

Our tree and shrub care in Lenoir includes: 

  • A thorough inspection and evaluation of your yard's overall health.
  • A customized treatment plan that addresses your plants' specific needs.
  • Identifying early signs of disease, insect infestations, and maintenance issues, and can provide the necessary remedies to manage them.
  • And more!

Your Satisfaction – Guaranteed

When you partner with Tailor Made Lawns, you'll receive year-round lawn care in Lenoir, plus excellent customer service with technicians that go above and beyond. Best of all, we even offer free re-treatments if you notice weeds in your yard in between treatments. We want our lawn services to be as hassle-free as possible – and with us, it will be!

5 Star Review

Great company! My yard looks fantastic! Can't say enough good things about Tailor Made Lawns.

Joseph Riddle
Indian Trail Office
5 Star Review

Our lawn looks great and the mosquitoes are a non issue. Great service and excellent customer service.

Steve Davidyak
Conover Office
5 Star Review

Excellent company and excellent service from our technician, Grant. Our yard has never looked better.

Child of God
Conover Office

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