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Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Lawn Care & Pest Control!

When it comes to lawn care and pest control in North Carolina, Tailor Made Lawns are the experts! With our comprehensive services, we’ll make sure your home lives up to its full potential. We’ll give you a green, healthy landscape and a pest-free home in every season. Are you ready to start enjoying your home? Explore our services and learn how we can help you do just that today!

Our Services in the NC Piedmont Area

Lawn Care

Want the best lawn on the block? We'll give you a yard you can be proud of all year--with little to no work on your part! Our trained technicians employ the most advanced techniques, using the highest-quality products for excellent results.Learn more

Pest and Mosquito Control

Say goodbye to mosquitoes and itchy bites! With our mosquito control services in North Carolina, we’ll eliminate adult mosquitoes and their larvae--ensuring your yard always stays mosquito-free in the warm seasons.Learn more

Pest Control

Tired of sharing your home with pests? With our perimeter pest control, we’ll create an invisible barrier around your home so that nuisance bugs--like spiders, crickets, fleas, ticks, and mites--can't gain entry.Learn more

Mole Control

Are moles destroying the look and health of your lawn? Whether you simply want to get rid of the immediate problem at hand, or be mole-free all year round, we have a package that is right for you!Learn more

Aeration & Seeding

If summer stress has thinned out your lawn and made it look unsightly, we can help with our annual aeration & seeding service. We’ll repair your grass and fill in empty patches--leaving you with a dense, green lawn you can take pride in.Learn more

Tree & Shrub Care

Our technicians are tree and shrub experts, trained in the many nutritional needs, insect infestations and fungal diseases associated with local plants. We provide specialized care to ensure your landscape flourishes year-round!Learn more

Flea and Tick Control

Did you know fleas and ticks can seriously harm the health of your children and pets? Aside from the incessant scratching and overall discomfort, they also transmit diseases like dermatitis, tapeworm...Learn more

Additional Services

As your one-stop shop for all things lawn care in North Carolina, we also offer other additional services that include grub control, sedge control, bermuda control, and more! Whatever you need, we can help!Learn more