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Increase Your Home's Value With Healthy Trees & Shrubs!

Did you know North Carolina is home to over 600 types of trees and shrubs? With such a wide variety, it's important to find tree and shrub care that addresses the needs of your specific plants. Here at Tailor Made Lawns, our technicians are trained in the many nutritional needs, insect infestations and fungal diseases associated with local ornamentals. We provide specialized care to ensure your landscape flourishes year-round!

Tree & Shrub Care in the NC Piedmont Area

Between cooling the air to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, trees and shrubs are great for the environment. They also play an aesthetic role, increasing your home's property value by 20%. Unfortunately though, if you don't take care of your trees and shrubs properly, their value sharply declines.

Seven Visits a Year for Beautiful Trees

At Tailor Made Lawns, we understand the time and energy required to maintain your landscape. That's why our tree and shrub care services take care of everything for you--while you sit back and enjoy the results. From giving your plants preventative care to supplying them with the nutrients they need to thrive, our highly-trained technicians will ensure the continued growth and development of your plants. 

Our tree and shrub care is a 7-visit program that includes:

  • Treatment 1: Dormant oil application
  • Treatment 2: MERIT application
  • Treatment 3: Spring fertilizer with MERIT
  • Treatment 4: Late spring insect and disease control
  • Treatment 5: Summer insect and disease control
  • Treatment 6: Late summer insect and disease control
  • Treatment 7: Fall fertilization

Year-Round Care

Tailor Made Lawns always begins our tree and shrub care treatments with an inspection and overall health evaluation of your yard. After the evaluation, we will provide you with a customized treatment plan that aligns with your plants' needs. Our technicians are trained to identify the early stages of plant disease, insect infestations, and maintenance problems--and can provide the remedies needed to manage them.

Our North Carolina tree and shrub services include:

  • Custom blended applications based on the season
  • Both foliar and root drench liquid fertilization
  • Insect control to repair and avoid damages
  • Disease control to keep your property safe from fungi, rot, and other diseases

Relax...And Put Your Trees in Our Hands!

When it comes to your ornamentals, preventative maintenance is crucial. Did you know that curb appeal can increase your home’s value by a whopping 20%? We understand the value that your trees and shrubs bring to your home, so we’ll make sure they are protected from bugs and diseases throughout the entire year. Let the experts at Tailor Made Lawns handle all of your tree and ornamental maintenance needs--so you can focus on other things!

Ready for trees and shrubs you can take pride in?

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