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When you’ve invested time and effort into maintaining your lawn, the presence of moles can be your worst nightmare. Once they move into your soil and start to burrow across your yard, they can cause significant damage to your lawn's health and appearance.

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Lawn Mole Control in the NC Piedmont

Moles are mammals known for digging tunnel systems in the soil beneath our yards and gardens. Because they reside underground, many people have never seen a mole with their own eyes. These unsightly animals are 5 to 8 inches long (around the size of a potato!) and have large front feet with claws that make digging an easy task for them. They have pointed muzzles with eyes so tiny it looks like they don’t even have any!

Where are Moles Found?

Moles prefer loose, moist soil when digging, but unfortunately for homeowners, they can be found pretty much anywhere - from grasslands to urban areas. The tunnels they dig disturb plant roots and the entrances to them cause large dirt mounds which make mowing difficult. Moles can be a huge threat to homes in the North Carolina Piedmont Area, and the worst part is most homeowners don’t even know they have a mole infestation until it's too late!

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Signs of Moles in Your Yard

Because moles live 8 to 10 inches beneath the soil and dig at approximately 18 feet per hour, many homeowners don’t realize they have a mole problem until these pests have already burrowed deep inside their lawn. The key to avoiding extensive mole damage is being able to identify the top signs of a mole infestation and act quickly. These include: 

  • Mounds of dirt that look like mini volcanoes 
  • Surface tunnels which are raised ridges on your lawn
  • Soil that feels loose or squishy

What Attracts Moles?

Moles are more likely to be found where food is easily accessible and digging is easy for them—which includes golf courses, cemeteries, parks, pastures, and the most unfortunate of all: residential lawns! They are drawn to shady areas with moist and cool soil. Moles also feed on insects, so if your lawn has an insect or earthworm problem, there's a chance they will attract moles.

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We Offer Several Mole Control Options 

To best serve your needs, we offer two distinct packages to control the moles in your yard. Whether you simply want to get rid of the immediate mole control problem at hand—or be mole-free all year round—we have a package that is right for you. Our mole control services always begin with a free inspection of your lawn, where we’ll make recommendations and discuss how to best manage and eliminate moles in your yard. From there, we’ll use the finest commercial mole repellents on the market, so you can rest assured that your mole problem is being attacked from every angle.

Single Season Mole Control

Our Single Season Mole Control package starts with three applications of Mole Scram Professional. This product works by coating worms and other insects—the mole's food—with a bad taste, making them unappealing. Mole Scram also causes the tunnels made by the moles to start smelling, which encourages them to leave wherever it's been applied. Our three-step process is for mole removal only, and the process includes:

  • An initial application to funnel moles out of your lawn toward the perimeter of your property.
  • A second application applied about a week after the first mole control treatment, treating the remainder of your lawn, and getting the moles to leave your yard entirely.
  • A third application, including a follow-up inspection of your lawn to make sure there are no more moles in your yard, and additional mole control treatment to the perimeter of the property to extend control. 

All-Season Mole Control

Once our professional teams have driven the moles from your property with our Single Season Cycle, we will continue to treat your lawn every six to eight weeks if you choose this all-encompassing mole control package. The only way to keep moles out of your lawn is with continuous treatment. This package allows you the peace of mind of mole prevention all year round and includes free service calls for any mole-related issue. If you see a tunnel, we’ll take care of it!

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Guaranteed Results

Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we guarantee that our mole control services will evict moles from your yard. If you have a problem with voles, we can discuss options for them as well! We understand how important it is for our customers to have a healthy lawn, and we’ll always work hard to make sure your lawn is pristine and thriving.

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