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Let Our Experts Bring Your Lawn Back to Life This Fall

Weather has a strong impact on grass, and the North Carolina climate makes it hard to maintain a beautiful lawn year-round. While the stress of summer brings on drought, insects, and diseases, the damage doesn't have to be permanent. Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we can put the life back into your lawn by plugging holes in your lawn and filling in bald spots with our aeration and seeding services in Charlotte -- leaving you with thicker, healthier grass to enjoy this fall!

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Aeration & Seeding in Charlotte

Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we are dedicated to giving you the lawn you deserve. Our years of experience maintaining lawns in North Carolina has shown us how grass is affected by foot traffic, low sunlight, and other issues. With our aeration and seeding services in Charlotte, we reverse the damage, so you get a landscape you can take pride in. During the aeration process, we remove thousands of plugs in your soil so that nutrients, air, and water can reach the roots of your grass. Then, we lay grass seed on top of existing grasses to promote new growth -- filling in bare spots all around.  

Say Goodbye to Ugly Bald Spots

Annual aeration and seeding keeps your lawn healthy, and helps it bounce back after a long hot Carolina summer. Between blistering hot temperatures and increased foot traffic, your lawn takes a toll in the summer -- even with regular care and maintenance. With our aeration and seeding services in Charlotte, our lawn experts will bring your grass to its fullest potential so you can be proud to show it off this fall! There are so many benefits to aeration and seeding, which include: 

  • Decreased soil compaction & thatch build up: which means your lawn's roots can receive the proper nutrients 
  • Better air, water and nutrient circulation: when your lawn is no longer compacted, air and water can reach its roots more easily.
  • An optimal overseeding environment: aerating your lawn makes a great environment to lay down new grass seed. 
  • Fill in bare spots and grow thicker grass: New grass seed can help fill in bare spots and make your lawn thicker and more lush!

Aeration, combined with overseeding, helps improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn.  The best part? The results are pretty immediate, meaning you'll see an improvement in your lawn right away!

Give Your Lawn a Boost This Fall

It's amazing how quickly a lawn will respond when it's able to absorb the water and nutrients it needs to look its best. Let our lawn care experts repair your lawn, so it grows lush, dense, and green again. Here at Tailor Made Lawns, we want you to be satisfied. If your grass doesn't grow properly after our treatments, we'll return to reseed and get the proper results. It's time you had the lawn you deserve!

Don’t Miss Your Window for a Great Lawn

Did you know both aeration and seeding are best to do between September and October? That means right now is the best time to have our team of experts revive your lawn in time for fall and winter. If you’re interested in aeration and seeding in Charlotte, now is the perfect time to make an appointment. With competitive pricing and a 4.8 average rating on Google+, our schedules fill up fast in the fall, so don’t wait much longer!


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